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Welcome to SAGE
SAGE Development Authority is a federally chartered Section 17 Corporation created by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe as a public power authority.

Anpetu Wi Wind Farm - Phase II Funding

We are thrilled to announce we are now in Phase II of our crowdfunding Thanks to the support and participation of over 7,000 donors, we have been able to raise over $420,000 during phase 1.
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SAGE General Fund

Your contribution aids a variety of initiatives beyond the Anpetu Wi Wind Farm. With your support, numerous other programs thrive and make an impact in the Standing Rock Nation.
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Joseph McNeil Jr. - SAGE GM
“You’re praying for guidance, you’re praying for wisdom, you’re praying for what’s best for the day for your family, for the people. This is really how we look at this project, as a prayer to guide our people into the future, into the new day.”

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