Our Purpose

The SAGE Development Authority (SAGE), a 100% Native-led organization, is dedicated to community development, institution-building, and self-determination for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.  SAGE Development Authority exists to ensure energy independence, protect the environment, and promote economic growth in the region, for the Tribe.

SAGE acts as a Public Power Authority (PPA) that will control and operate all the energy production assets within the reservation. SAGE institutionalizes Standing Rock’s involvement in renewable energy projects, facilitates agreements with third-party entities, and holds the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s equity interest.



  • Community led development to spur equitable and inclusive economic growth for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
  • Build capacity of Tribal members to create more equitable economic growth in the region 
  • Redistribute profits into the community equitably
  • Pre Development of key projects to serve community and achieve SAGE’s vision


Key Messages

  • SAGE represents a model for community-determined development – is a federally chartered Section 17 Corporation under the Indian Reorganization Act, which allows Standing Rock to establish a corporation to act on its behalf without waiving the rights of the Nation and its assets.
  • SAGE creates renewable energy resources to benefit future generations
  • SAGE leads as the first Native owned public power company – with the goal of achieving majority ownership over time.
  • SAGE promotes economic justice and equity – will create jobs within the SRST community and beyond, becoming a force for economic growth and development. 
  • SAGE empowers women Tribal members – is a women-led organization, with women serving as the Chair and Vice Chair of the Tribal-appointed Board of Directors.