Our Core Values



Natural Law ― the respect of the balance of all living things

Phestola (connectedness) ― what is in this earthly world reflects in the spirit world


Tate Topa (four winds) ― the winds each bring different aspects that give life

Respecting Grandmother Earth ― keeping sacred that which sustains us

Environmental regeneration ― always replanting for the next season


7 generations/good ancestors mindset ― make sound decisions that will have a positive impact to our relatives in 500 years

Protecting sacred places ― protections of ancient prayer sites that connect this world to the spirit world


Protecting ― local control and ownership respect for SRST law and individual land ownership


To be equitable ― to give a fair return on revenue and fair pricing for energy to our customers

Selfless acts ― give time, energy and resources to build community systems for economic and cultural growth


Leadership ― be willing to listen, learn and lead to build community


Fiscally responsible ― follow general accounting principals and work within the APPA standards for public power