RC Beam Solar EV Charging Stations

SAGE Development is excited to announce a major step forward in the Standing Rock Nation’s journey toward energy independence with the acquisition of a $200,000 grant from the Tribal Solar Accelerator Fund. This grant is designated for the deployment of cutting-edge EV charging stations across the Standing Rock Nation, enhancing the suite of environmentally focused projects led by SAGE.

This initiative is a critical component of the Standing Rock community’s broader ambition to cultivate a sustainable and greener future. It aligns with landmark projects such as the Anpetu Wi Wind Farm, Community Solar Projects,

and the Electric Nation EV Charging Network, showcasing SAGE Development’s commitment to pioneering renewable energy and sustainable transportation solutions.

The introduction of the EV ARCTM 2020 charging system marks a pivotal moment in this initiative. This advanced system features grid independence, rapid deployment, and zero-cost utility operation, significantly advancing the renewable energy infrastructure.

New Charging Station Locations:

  • Standing Rock Community School: This station will serve as a valuable educational resource on renewable energy for students and provide a practical charging solution for staff commuting from the broader Standing Rock area.
  • McLaughlin High School (Pending): An additional charging station at McLaughlin High School underscores our commitment to educational outreach and sustainable infrastructure development, further supporting the community’s transition to renewable energy sources.

Key Features of the EV ARCTM 2020 Charging System:

  • Sustainability: Capable of self-generating and storing electricity, with solar capabilities that produce up to 25% more power.
  • Efficiency: Fits within standard parking dimensions and supports simultaneous charging for up to six EVs.
  • Rapid Deployment: Features a streamlined installation process, bypassing the typical delays associated with traditional setups.
  • Resilience: Remains operational during grid outages, is wind-resistant up to 125 mph, and flood-proof up to 9.5 feet.

Joseph McNeil Jr., General Manager of SAGE Development, remarked, “This grant transcends financial support; it embodies our commitment to the environment and our community. By integrating solutions like the EV ARCTM 2020 into our energy projects, we are forging a future where Standing Rock not only coexists but thrives in harmony with nature.”