SAGE Awarded Six EVs For Standing Rock Nation

The Standing Rock Nation recently celebrated a notable step forward in embracing clean energy and sustainable transportation within the community.

The Tribe has acquired six electric vehicles, including five Ford F-150 Lightnings and a Ford E-Transit passenger van. These vehicles will be utilized by various entities within the community, such as the SAGE Development Authority, Sitting Bull College, Tribal casinos, and the Standing Rock Public Transit system. Specifically, the Tribal transit system will use these vehicles to provide transportation for veterans, elderly residents, and others, facilitating access to appointments and other locations throughout the region.

The project’s kick-off event also showcased the unveiling of a new EV charging station at Sitting Bull College, symbolizing the tangible steps being taken towards modernizing the Tribe’s infrastructure and embracing renewable energy sources.

This initiative is part of a more extensive regional effort led by Minneapolis-based Native Sun Community Power Development to enhance clean energy infrastructure across the Upper Midwest. The project aims to install 120 new charging stations on Tribal lands in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota.