SAGE Awarded Two EV ARCTM 2020 Mobile Charging Stations

SAGE Development is proud to announce a milestone in the Standing Rock Nation’s journey towards energy independence with the award of a $200,000 grant from the Tribal Solar Accelerator Fund. 

This grant is designated for the installation of advanced EV charging stations, enhancing the Standing Rock Nation’s commitment to environmental stewardship through a series of pioneering projects initiated by SAGE.

This grant marks a pivotal moment in the Standing Rock community’s pursuit of a sustainable, greener future. It complements other landmark including the Anpetu Wi Wind Farm, Community Solar Projects, and the Electric Nation EV Charging Network, showcasing SAGE Development’s dedication to renewable energy and sustainable transport solutions.

At the heart of this project is the innovative EV ARCTM 2020 charging system, distinguished by its grid independence, rapid deployment, and zero utility bill operation, setting a new benchmark in renewable charging solutions.

New Charging Station Locations:

  • Standing Rock Community School: This station will offer educational opportunities on renewable energy for students and provide a practical charging solution for staff commuting from the broader Standing Rock area.
  • Tribal Offices: The installation of a charging station at the tribal offices will serve as a significant step towards integrating sustainable practices within the administrative operations of the Standing Rock Nation, further reinforcing the commitment to environmental sustainability and clean energy use.

EV ARCTM 2020 System Highlights:

  • Sustainability: Capable of generating its own electricity, storing energy, and utilizing solar power to enhance output by up to 25%.
  • Efficiency: Fits within standard parking dimensions, enabling simultaneous charging for up to six EVs.
  • Rapid Deployment: Features a streamlined installation process that avoids the typical delays associated with traditional setups.
  • Resilience: Functions during grid outages, offers wind resistance up to 125 mph, and includes flood-proof capabilities up to 9.5 feet.