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SAGE Development Announces Grid Alternatives Grant from the Tribal Solar Accelerator Fund

[Fort Yates, ND] – Marking another significant stride towards energy independence for the Standing Rock Nation, SAGE Development proudly announces its award of a $200,000 grant from the Tribal Solar Accelerator Fund. This award, aimed at introducing advanced EV charging stations across the Standing Rock Nation, complements a series of eco-centric projects already undertaken by SAGE. 

The grant is another step forward in the collective aspiration of the Standing Rock community to create a greener, more sustainable future. Alongside other milestone projects like the Anpetu Wi Wind Farm, Community Solar Projects, and Electric Nation EV Charging Network, this initiative reinforces SAGE Development’s commitment to renewable energy and sustainable transportation.

Central to this initiative is the avant-garde EV ARCTM 2020 charging system, a game-changer in the renewable landscape with unparalleled features such as grid independence, rapid deployment capabilities, and zero utility bill operation.

The placement of the first charging station will be at Standing Rock Community School. Not only will this serve educational purposes, enlightening students on the potential of renewable energy, but it will also offer an alternative charging option for staff commuting from areas outside Standing Rock.

Key Features of the EV ARCTM 2020 Include:

Sustainability: Self-generating electricity, storing energy, and leveraging solar capabilities to produce up to 25% more power.

Efficiency: Maximizing space utility by fitting within standard parking dimensions and facilitating charging for up to six EVs simultaneously.

Rapid Deployment: A hassle-free installation process, eliminating traditional delays.

Resilience: Operational capacity during grid outages, wind resistance up to 125 mph, and flood-proof features up to 9.5 feet.

Joseph McNeil Jr., the General Manager of SAGE Development, expressed, “This grant signifies more than just monetary support; it’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to the environment and our community. With cutting-edge solutions like the EV ARCTM 2020 and our suite of energy initiatives, coupled with our other energy endeavors, we’re paving the way for a Standing Rock that doesn’t merely exist but flourishes in harmony with nature.”

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About SAGE Development:

SAGE Development stands as a beacon of sustainable energy solutions, striving to craft greener communities. With a diverse portfolio that includes historic projects like the Anpetu Wi Wind Farm, SAGE is pioneering the transition to renewable energy and ensuring a sustainable future for the next seven generations.