SAGE Statement On Ethical Path to Sustainability

SAGE Development and the Standing Rock Nation are dedicated to exploring and advocating for alternative, more sustainable methods and materials that honor our commitment to protect and preserve the environment. Our mission transcends the adoption of electric vehicles; it is about leading by example and engaging in meaningful conversations about achieving technological advancement without compromising our ethical standards or the health of our planet.

While we recognize and support the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) as a positive move toward reducing our carbon footprint, we also understand that this is merely the initial step in a much-needed extensive journey. The path toward a sustainable future is complex and requires an unwavering dedication to ethical and environmental practices, especially concerning sourcing materials needed for EV technology.

Woman at the fronlines. Oceti Sakowin Camp, Cannon Ball, ND, USA. November 11,2016

We stand firm in our opposition to destructive mining practices that harm the environment and disrespect the rights and territories of Tribal nations. The environmental impact and ethical concerns surrounding lithium extraction, a crucial component in EV batteries, must be considered. These practices conflict with our core values and our profound respect for our land and its natural resources.

We must push for sustainable and ethical mining practices as we advocate for cleaner transportation alternatives. Our commitment is to not only embrace the advancements in technology but to ensure they are implemented in a way that protects our Unci Maka (Grandmother Earth) and respects all its inhabitants. The journey toward a sustainable future requires an approach that considers our choices’ environmental, social, and economic impacts.

We invite our community members, partners, and stakeholders to join us in this critical dialogue. Together, we can explore innovative solutions that respect the earth and all its inhabitants, ensuring that our steps toward a greener future are taken with integrity and responsibility.

SAGE Development and the Standing Rock Nation are not just adopting new transportation options; we are setting a new standard for communities to thrive in harmony with nature. Join us as we lead the charge toward a more ethical, sustainable, and equitable future for all.