Solar Energy Benefits for Standing Rock Nation


In the Standing Rock Nation, our connection to the Unci Maka (Grandmother Earth) has always been deep and enduring. Every element of nature is intertwined with our traditions, stories, and future aspirations. As we look towards the horizon, the sun, which has always been a symbol of hope and life, now promises a new type of empowerment – the potential of solar energy. This journey toward harnessing the sun’s power offers numerous benefits for our community:

Harmony with Nature: Our ancestors taught us the importance of living in harmony with the environment. Solar energy, being clean and sustainable, resonates with this ancient wisdom, ensuring that we do no harm to Grandmother Earth while meeting our needs.

Economic Empowerment: By embarking on local solar projects, we open doors to job opportunities right here in Standing Rock. From crafting solar panels to their installation and maintenance, our community can thrive economically from within.

Claiming Our Energy Independence: For too long, our energy narrative has been written by external entities. With solar energy, we reclaim our story, producing our power and determining our energy destiny, one sunray at a time.

Guardians of Our Land: The changing climate and unpredictable events can disrupt power structures. Solar energy, paired with storage solutions, ensures we are always prepared, safeguarding our homes and community against outages.

Bridging Past and Future: Adopting solar energy is not just a technological leap; it’s a dance between our time-honored values and the needs of future generations. We see it as an embrace of our ancestors’ teachings in a rapidly evolving world.

Lighting the Path of Knowledge: Our youth, the bearers of our legacy, can benefit from the educational avenues that come with solar energy, delving into sustainable technologies and practices that will define the world they inherit.

Embracing Cost Efficiency: The sun’s generosity not only empowers us spiritually but also economically. With an initial investment in solar infrastructure, the bounty we reap in long-term savings is significant, making life in Standing Rock even more self-sufficient.

The sun has watched over Standing Rock Nation for millennia. Now, as we harness its energy, we envision a brighter future where our traditions and progress go hand in hand. With solar energy, we are not just capturing light; we are illuminating our path forward, ensuring a legacy that respects our past and safeguards the future.