The Electric Nation Has Arrived at Standing Rock

The Upper Midwest Inter-Tribal EV Charging Community Network is a Native-led, public-private partnership formed to address barriers to plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) use for Tribal Nations in the Upper Midwest. The objectives for this project will be accomplished through various approaches to include: the installation of charging equipment on highway corridors and strategic community locations, data collection, the deployment of electric vehicles in Tribal fleets and a robust community education and outreach program.

Like the Anpetu Wi Wind Farm, this project is yet another step toward reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. By supporting the growth of the electric vehicle market, we are taking action in another domain to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. A key goal is to lower the burden of transportation costs and create systems of clean mobility across rural MN, ND, and SD — improving access to long-distance destinations and new job opportunities.