Native American Heritage Month – Day 2: The Hominy Indians’ Triumph Over NFL Champs

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At the end of each NFL season, one team is crowned as the NFL World Champions and globally accepted as the top football team in the world.

Yet, an enthralling chapter in sports history challenges this narrative with the remarkable journey of an all-Native football team, composed of players hailing from 22 different tribes. They were the first professional football team from Oklahoma known as the Hominy Indians.

The year was 1927, and the New York Giants had just etched their name in the annals of NFL history with what many hailed as one of the most dominant campaigns in NFL history.

With a formidable tally of 11 victories against a solitary defeat, they outclassed their adversaries by an overwhelming margin, boasting a cumulative score of 197-20 and having shut out the NY Yankees —not to be mistaken with the baseball titans—to clinch the NFL championship.

The Giants appeared invincible.

Meanwhile, the Hominy Indians, despite playing on a smaller scale, were undefeated and unyielding, never having suffered defeat or even a tie in franchise history.

Despite earning a fraction of the compensation NFL players received and frequently playing their games on humble cow pastures, the Indians rose to the occasion during their most significant moment.

With that backdrop, the New York Giants and the Hominy Indians squared off in a match that was far more than a mere game, it was a clash of cultures, a testament to determination, and a battle for recognition.

And on that fateful day, the Hominy Indians emerged victorious by a score of 13-6. It was a victory that transcended the mere numbers on a scoreboard; it was a symbolic victory that resonated far and wide, affirming the greatness of the Hominy Indians.

This historic victory against the New York Giants celebrated the spirit of a team that, despite the odds, claimed their place in the world of football excellence. The Hominy Indians, by their sheer talent and unbreakable resolve, redefined what it meant to be champions of the gridiron.

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